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Superior verbal and written communication skills

1.Strong responsibility,team work spirit and service.
2.Self-control,can work under high pressure.
3.Fluent use of written and spoken English
4.Professional level ability with MS Office tools
Skills and StrengthsPerfect Wedding Table Center
CET-4(479),CET-6(462).Good command of written and spoken English,operate the office softwares well.I am an outgoing and sunshine guy. The middle word of my name is "Xiao" in Chinese that means smile http://keznews.com/forum . That helps me leave a good impression to other people. After attended the oversea study, the abilities of English and teamwork were strongly enhanced, which could be an valuable asset of my carrer.
Skills and Strengthshttp://www.funhouserock.com/funhouse/blab
My strength is the English skill.Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding
Since I was in high schoolhttp://www.themmaboards.com , i was quite interested in the English learning, during the college study, I did not stop the learning after I passed the CET4 and CET6, Current, I was in Holland to working on my master program, I seek every chance to talk with foreigners in daily life and the English course also helps me to master the language skill. Since I the language study brings me a lot of fun, I am also considering to learn a third language. Business Analysis, Strategy Planning & Communications
* Customer Management/Service & Plan a Wedding CeremonyBusiness Development* Keen Sales & Marketer
* Peoples’ PersonSkills and StrengthsWRITING & LANGUAGE SKILLS:
English - Superior verbal and written communication skills, and with a good command in business, energy and computer Englishhttp://forum.klerk.ru
Mandarin - Native LanguageCOMPUTER SKILLS:
Hardware/Network Administration and Programming Skills (including Java, C/ C++, (X) HTML/XML, SQL, Perl and CSS).Decorating Your Reception Table
Software Implementation - Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat, UFIDA /Kingdee/SAP financial software, and most commercial office applications. http://forums.cashcrate.com

Systems Engineering in Quality

I am a hardworking and responsible person ,I am devoted to my work.I don't like ti leave things half-done ,and i'm easygoing ,I like to communicate with different foreigners,keeping a good relationship with them .Be familiar with SAP system (5 years experience) and all MS Office applications.Three Inspiring Wedding Ideas
Trainer for SAP, http://www.apnicommunity.comB2B, PDM, FP system user in procurement field.
Coordinator of ECO impact and determine BCN (BOM Change Notice) effective date.
Good ability to negotiate and influence others.Five Great Wedding Themes
Strong communication and presentation skills as well as interactive and social competencies, strong arithmetic and time management skills.http://community.girlpower.it
Know well about import Customs clearance process, production and logistics flow. Jul. 2010 ~ Now Texas Instruments Semiconductor Technologies (Shanghai) Co., LtdMaster degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering in Quality & Operation Research, LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies. Bachelor degree in Electircal Engineering Automatic Control
Certified Productivity Practitioner by Asia Productivity Organization
Singapore Quality Award achievement for company Business and Operation Excellence framework with TQMhttp://byet.net , LEAN and Six-SigmaWedding Cakes Decoration Ideas
Certified Master APQP Champion for Asia Supply Quality framework and programs
Certified LEAN & Six-Sigma http://www.emutalk.netChampionManager position of shipping,forwarding,logistics
Skills and Strengths
1.very professional knowledge of shippingModern Ocean Motif ,quality control, trading, foods
2.fluent Enlish http://www.niknon.com
3.ability of using computer, familiar with MS office, IBM AS/400... http://www.arboristsite.com

I am enclosing my resume

Over 15 years’ senior leadership experience in new and ongoing product development and project management as well as in building new businesses, handling aggressive corporate and client leadership roles, and solidifying profitable C-level relationships with local government and enterprises. Hold on MBA from university of Chicago
Areas of ability and oversight include multimillion-dollar P&L…Defining processes within R&D/PLM/Quality and across other functions (manufacturing, engineering, procur1.Possess excellent English skills, familiarity with western cultures
2. Am passionate and sincere with good sense of humor to enhance good personal and public relations
3. Have strong sense of organization and related management skills for team environment
4. Possess innate and formally trained leadership skills which integrate good socialization and communication skills
5. Have demonstrated solo ability to develop and work management projects to conclusionAn experienced http://forums.jeuxonline.info professional with more than 10 years of legal related working experience, including 5+ years as in-house legal counsel in multi-national companies and 2+ years law firm experience;Make A Bridal Shower Card
Familiar with domestic and foreign IP laws and civil procedure laws;
Familiar with IP issues of M&A;
Qualifications of Practice of Law and Patent Attorney in China;Agressive&self-starter;
Perform well under deadlines pressure;http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum
Good communication skills with suppliers; Choose A Wedding Cake
Good team player;
Be familiar with office software, ERP,MRP&SAP system.I have learned from the advertisement you put in website that you are looking for a staff member for your QC department.http://forum.1777.ru
I am enclosing my resumeTips for Wearing Pearls, you will be able to form a more complete idea of my background, and I would be grateful if you would seriously my application since I believe that I am well qualified for the position,Military Wedding having been an inspector in furniture for over 8 years, http://forums.thomsonelite.comgood knowledge for American furniture and European, including Kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, leather or fabric sofa, good understanding of manufacturing processes, NC and PU finishing.
I would appreciate you call 18673976646 to name when I may come at your convenience.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Full experience in Evaluation

14 years of experience in financial planning, organizing, directing, budgeting, analyzing, financing and controlling in Joint Venturechi hair straightener. Including chi flat iron9 years in a position of Financial Controller in Finance management/Controlling in multinational company Certified as PMP .Management qualifications, consulting competencies and the ability to organize, plan and manage the introduction and the rollout of Telecom cheap wedding gowns&IT services and solutions. 6 yrs in technical , 7 yrs project management including SAP infrastructure, software rollout projects, server upgrade projects, Oracle projects. ,including 2 yrs overseas working experience. Full experience in Evaluation, Planning, Implementation and Operation of telecom and IT infrastructure projects.
Career Objective:hair straighteners
A positioncheap prom dresses as Project manager or director which will benefit from my 6 years of IT technology and 7 years of project manager experience in foreign company.no reason
something about skill
happy new year

I am Tom from Xinjiang province

I am Tom from Xinjiang province.
I always work in one of large group.
I am a nice guy. I like make friends.
I have 4 years experience of sales. and I have 1 year experience of manage.
I have a strong sence of duty. I am one of reliable man.
I will give my new job my best shot.nike trainer
I think I will give you surprise more than you'd expected.
Turst me not to wrong!!! Senior IT service director with 11 years practical experiences in Information Technology area including IT service design, implementation and management.
Have many years of experience to provide IT service for clients which spectrum from Banking (CBC China,nike shoes ABN AMRO BANK), cheap authentic nfl jerseysInsurance (ING, Zurich Financial Service), Retail (ALDI, ALBERT HEIJN), nike shoxWholesale Distribution (Holland Flower Auction), Supply Chaincheap nike shoes (TNT) and Chemical/Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (BSF, Bayer). snow
i am crazy

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IN PICTURES: 'In orbit

In a Tuesday statement in response a process of self-discoveryto Space News inquiries, Intelsat said it is researching other ways to shut down Galaxy 15 once the satellite has passed through the AMC-11 position and enters —face to face with ourselves for a limited period of time — a stretch of orbital terrain unoccupied by other C-band spacecraft.We do not have an additional specific technical attempt identifiedImpossible made possible at this time," Intelsat said in the statement. "But we will not give up, and expect to have other options to pursue at that time. We are now cooperating with otherTake time to indulge operators and customers to minimize potential service disruptions caused by interference."Galaxy 15 stopped responding to ground commands April 5 and since thenthe past is black and white has drifted out of its 133 degrees west longitude orbital slot on an eastward path along the geostationary arc at around 36,000 kilometers above the equator.
After sending between 150,000 and 200,000 commands to the satellite to coax it back into service, Intelsat was forced to scrap its satellite-recovery efforts and to resort, on Monday, to a limited-duration effort to force the satellite to shut down its transponders. This was to be accomplished by sending a stronger series of signals designed to cause Galaxy 15's power system to malfunction and force a shutdown of the satellite's payload.That attempt, which Luxembourg-based, Washington-headquartered Intelsat had viewed as its last, best-understood option for Galaxy 15, was unsuccessful. With the satellite now nearing AMC-11, Intelsat is limited in what it can do besides assure itself of the satellite's location. "There is no active testing of the payload," the company said in its Tuesday statement.
Sending radio signals strong enough to force a satellite to shut down could pose dangers to other spacecraft in the target area, which is why Intelsat had only a short window of time to "pulse" Galaxy 15 with signals intended to trigger a failure of its power system. That period lasted about 30 minutes on Monday.http://www.match-cut.org


But the Herschel infrared space telescopefill in the blanks – which has the ability to peer into these dense clouds — has made an unexpected discovery. This black patch is actually a hole that has been blown in the side of the nebula by the jets and winds of gas from the young stellar objects in this region of space.Beauty is Meaningless“No-one has ever seen a hole like this,” said Tom Megeath, of the University of Toledo in the USA. “It’s as surprising as knowing you have worms tunneling under your lawn, but finding one morning that they have created a huge, yawning pit.”
Any previous descriptions of NCGa world in a grain of sand 1999 said that the ominous dark cloud in the center was actually a condensation of cold molecular gas and dust so thick and dense that it blocks light. And astronomers had no reason to believe otherwise, until Herschel's powerful infrared eyes took a look from space.IN PICTURES: Spectacular supernovasWhen Herschel looked in the direction of this nebula to study nearby young stars, the cloud continued to look black. But, that should not be theMake youself a better person case. Herschel’s infrared eyes are designed to see into such clouds. Either the cloud was immensely dense or something was wrong.Investigating further using ground-based telescopes, astronomers found the same story however they looked: this patch looks black not because it is a dense pocket of gas but because it is truly empty. Something hasthe gateway to a world blown a hole right through the cloud.Stars are born in dense clouds of dust and gas. Although jets and winds of gas have been seen coming from young stars in the past, it has always been a mystery exactly how a star uses these to blow away its surroundings and emerge from its birth cloud. With Herschel, this may be the first time we can see this processGreater too than you can describe
.The astronomers think that the hole must have been opened when the narrow jets of gas from some of the young stars in the region punctured the sheet of dust and gas that forms NGC 1999. The powerful radiation from a nearby mature star may also have helped to clear the hole. Whatever the precise chain of events, it could be an important glimpse into the way newborn stars disperse their birth clouds.ource: ESAIN PICTURES: Spectacular photos of Supernovae and their remnantsNancy Atkinson blogs at Universe Today.View all Universe Today posts on the Monitor.Add/view comments on this posthttp://www.clavio.de/forum